Saturday, 19 May 2018

My Battle with Anxiety...

Hey Loves!
I've been thinking about writing this post for a while. Considering its Mental Health Awareness week, I thought I would share with you my battle with Anxiety, and how I cope with it.

I was never officially diagnosed with Anxiety, I'd had a lot of symptoms of it in my previous employment. I worked for my previous employer for a year, I'm not going to say the actual time period, or who it was that I worked for, or the people that made me feel the way I felt. I loved the role I was doing, I was happiest when I was interacting with customers, or doing research and learning more to do better in my role. The downside of that role, was the targets. I honestly struggled to hit them in some months.

A few months into my role, I began to get terrified of going into work. I would say to my mum that I wasn't feeling a hundred percent if a particular person was going to be working that day. I'd leave for work, feeling sick, I'd start shaking, have headaches, cry, and sometimes make myself physically sick on the journey to work. I'd come home in tears too, if the pressure of being around that person got too much. There was one day in particular that I was working all day with said person, I was literally running round like a headless chicken all day, helping customers, answering the phones, emails and all that jazz, and this person was literally sat on his arse watching BBC Iplayer and occasionally answering the phone or email. When I asked for help, they'd get annoyed saying 'I should know how to do what I was asking for help with'. I remember going into the back room and rang both my mum and my dad in tears, hyperventilating because I'd been pushed over the edge, I'd been going non stop, whilst this person was pretty much doing jack shit. I said to my parents, I will leave if I have to, one day I'm going to get pushed so far over the edge that I crack and walk'.

I did leave that company. The day I left felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. But there are still days that my anxiety flares up. Days where I'm anxious if I'm put in new situations, where I isolate myself, and some situations where I do feel sick to my stomach. But there are good days too, especially when I'm around my mum, or my best friend Chloe. Both of them are my absolute rocks, who helped me get through working there, and my family too.

I've found ways to cope with Anxiety such as talking to people like my Mum and Dad and Chloe; listening to music, my current favourite artists are Sammy Wilk, Jack and Jack, Against the Current and Ariana Grande, and writing, whether that be for my blog or in a journal.

If you feel that you have anxiety, please talk to someone, or if you want any further information on Anxiety please go to

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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Where the HELL have I been?

Hello Readers!

Bloody hell...its been a while hasn't it? I guess I should explain where the hell I've been and why I haven't been a very good blogger recently.

First reason..which thank god has now been resolved is that I have had no phone for the last month and a half. Why you lovely readers may ask? I have had no phone because I'm an absolute idiot, and shattered my phone screen a while ago, then threw the TV remote onto the couch and accidentally hitting my phone which cause the screen to go green, then purple then blue and then black with LCD liquid leaking out of the cracks. I're all thinking what an absolute idiot. I rely on my phone for the camera and to post on social media and without one, I have unfortunately not been able to post unless I was using a computer. But..said phone issue has now been resolved...I HAVE A PHONE *cheers dramatically* I'll be able to post more on social media, and take photos for the blog too.

The Second reason is, and I'm going to be completely and truthfully honest with you all...I lost my blogging mojo completely. I just didn't feel motivated to post, I felt like all my content was really shit, I hated the idea of blogging, and I felt like every time I sat down to write something, I either couldn't or I felt that what I wrote wasn't of the quality and standard that I wanted it to be. I felt like I couldn't put my true personality or heart into what I was writing about. Therefore, I turned to the two people that I trust with my life, my Mum and my best friend who said I should take a step back from my blog for a bit, take a break, and re-evaluate it. My mum read a couple of blog posts and pretty much told me I wasn't injecting my personality into it, I was trying to be like other bloggers, and not being myself. I'm so glad that I took a break from it, I feel now that I can create better content that you guys will enjoy.

So, from now on in terms of content, I will be more real with you guys, I'm sarcastic, Sassy, a little bit fiesty, and I do swear a little..oops...I'll tell you my honest opinions, share my passions and my obsession with all things Disney, and Music, my goals and my dream of running my own empire. I also really want to connect with you all more, so please leave a comment below and tell me about yourselves, a goal you're looking to reach this year (Mine is to lose a stone before my birthday in August), and what you'd like to see on this blog. I'd love to hear from you.



Monday, 19 February 2018

To My Best Friend...

Today's blog post is another super special one as today is My Best Friend, Chloe's 22nd Birthday. Chlo is and will always be the true definition of a best friend. We've been friends for 19 years this year which is incredible. She never fails to make me smile, cheer me up, and be there for me through the highs and lows. She is the bestest friend I could ask for, and truthfully, I wouldn't want anyone else as my best friend with..I mean, who else am I going to text about Disney and PLL and how fit I think Thomas Doherty, Sam Thompson, or Dylan O'Brien is. I'm the luckiest person in the world to call her my best friend. 

She is probably going to either ring me or text me when she sees this and tell me I'm being a soppy buggar but to be honest, I don't care. Chlo if you are reading this, I told you I would do something special for your birthday. 

Thank you for always being there, and for being you. Hope you have an amazing Birthday and I can't wait to see you soon. 
Love, you millions, 

Katie xx

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Positivity Series #4

Hello My Loves! Welcome back to my blog! I hope you are all well and have had an awesome week so far. It is currently chucking it down with rain/sleet where I am at the minute, but I decided to spread a little love and sunshine, as best as I can with the latest in my positivity series. In terms of upcoming content, I'm running a poll on my twitter page (link to that at the end of the post) to see if you guys would like to see either a post or a series on Confidence, Self Love and Self Confidence, as that is something I would love to do that could coincide with the positivity series. It would mean a lot if you lovely people could go and Vote on that please. Without further ado, here is part 4 to my positivity series...
(Disclaimer: The photo's used in this series are not my own, I give credit to all original posters by linking to their websites via the pictures)

 Positive Quotes

 Positvity Pledge

 Quote Ideas

 Solo Quotes

 Tribe Quotes

 Found on Pinterest
That is it for today's blogpost. I do hope I've managed to bring a little, love, sunshine and positivity to your day. I will be back next week with a few more posts.
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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Monthly Music Playlist: January Edition

Welcome back to the Blog! Can you believe it's already February. How have you all been? Did you have a good January? Let me know in the comments what you've been up to over the past month. Anyway, today's blog post is all about Music. I've compiled a list of the songs I've listened to the most over the last month, I wanted to share that with you today. If youhave listened to these songs, or if you can recommend any new music that I should listen to, please let me know in the comments below, I'm always on the lookout for new music to listen to. Let's begin...

 1) This is Me - The Greatest Showman
 2) Havana -Camila Cabello
 3) Shape of You - Ed Sheeran
 4) The Greatest Show -The Greatest Showman
 5) How Far I'll go - Moana
 6) The Phantom of The Opera - The Phantom of The Opera (2004 Movie Soundtrack)
 7) Praying - Kesha
 8) The Point of No Return - The Phantom of The Opera (2004 Movie Soundtrack)
 9) Rewrite The Stars - The Greatest Showman
 10) Come Alive - The Greatest Showman
11) Focus - Ariana Grande
 12) Million Bucks - Cimorelli
 13) Freakum Dress - Beyonce
 14) Over The Rainbow - Danielle Hope
 15) Jealous - Nick Jonas
 16) Think of Me - The Phantom of The Opera (2004 Movie Soundtrack)
 17) All I ask of You - The Phantom of The Opera (2004 Movie Soundtrack)
 18) Masquerade/Why So Silent - The Phantom of The Opera (2004 Movie Soundtrack)
 19) Scream - Michael and Janet Jackson
 20) Your Song - Rita Ora

 That is it for this post. As you can see the majority of songs are either The Greatest Showman or The Phantom of the Opera Soundtracks. Both of which are AMAZING! Have you seen either of them? If so what are your favourite song/s from the soundtracks. I'll be back with another blog post soon. Thank you for reading.



Wednesday, 24 January 2018

A very special birthday Dedication!!!

Welcome back to the Blog! I hope you all are well and are having an awesome January so far.

This Blog post is actually a very special one. Today is my Mum's birthday!!! *Cheers* My mum, is one of my biggest supporters of my blog. She reads every post, tells her friends about it, helps with photography and will sometimes take photos for me too.

She's been through a lot in her life, including a Stroke, 17 years ago, but she is hands down, the World's Best Mum! She never fails to make me smile and laugh, She gives the best advice and the best hugs too. 

I know she's going to read this and be a little bit embarrassed that I have done this for her, but I wanted to share with the World how special and important she is to me. So, Mum if you are reading this, Happy Birthday, I love you with all my heart, You are my absolute Rock, and I don't know what I would do without you. I dedicate this post to you on your Birthday. 

Lots of Love and Hugs, 

Katie xx

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The Versatile Blogger Award!!!!

Before I begin this post I would just like to thank the lovely Stepphh Says for nominating me for this award!

The Versatile Blogger Award is created by bloggers, for bloggers! Its purpose is to recognise blogs that stand out for being different, and to recognise bloggers that do their own thing to stand out from the crowd. Its a lovely way to give back to the creators of the blogs you enjoy reading and to say thank you for all your incredible content.

Now, Should you choose to accept, here are the rules, please include the following in your blog post.

  • Thank the person who nominated/awarded you with a link to their blog
  • Include the rules so that the person you have nominated/awarded knows what they should do 
  • Include 7 facts about yourself and let people get to know you
  • Include a list of blogs you would like to award/nominate and link to them. (the usual list is 15 but more or less is fine too)

1) I have a huge obsession with Disney - from the music, to the movies to the Parks 
2) My favourite animal is a Killer Whale - I was lucky enough to interact with three at SeaWorld Orlando back in 2005
3) I did a degree in Travel and Tourism Management at Manchester Metropolitan University 
4) I'm a Gryffindor and Proud 
5) I love to travel - My favourite places I've been to are Switzerland, New York, Orlando, and Paris, the one place I really want to go to is Copenhagen 
6) I am a huge bookworm - I literally have a miniature library at home in my room 
7) I have run two previous blogs before this one. 


Ice Cream Whispers Clara - Elizabeth has some incredible photos on her blog! 
Life with KTKinnes - Katie has a fabulous blog and is also one of the bloggers who run the @Bloggerstribe on Twitter
Nothing but Authentic  - Abby is a new Blogger whose blog purpose is brilliant! I can't wait to see what content she creates.  
Kate Loves x - Kate's blog has some fab makeup reviews! 
Hello Bexa - A Student and Lifestyle blog. I love her passion for travel too 
Little Bumble X - I love Jennie's blog, a mix of beauty, lifestyle and gaming! 
Emma- Leigh Hull -  Emma-Leigh's blog is a mix of travel, food and lifestyle. I think her content is fab! 
The Fashion Diet - Sarah blogs about beauty, fashion and Lifestyle 
Bryony Baker -  I love Bryony's blog! Her photography and content are brilliant! 
RaspberryKiss -  Shannon's blog shows her passion for all things beauty.
Love and Mascara -  Erin has some brilliant Skincare and Makeup posts 
Rockette Queen -  Aoife's blog has some amazing posts on cruelty free beauty! 
Look She Can blog - Katie blog has a great purpose behind it. 
Ella was here -  Ella's blog has some amazing photos and content 
Jessica Grimshaw - Jessica's blog is brilliant! Her content and photos are fab! 

That's it for this post. I hope you enjoyed it. Please go and check out all of the amazing bloggers mentioned in this post. They have some incredible content that is well worth the read.

Signing off for now, 



Saturday, 13 January 2018

Positivity Post: January Edition

Welcome back to the blog! I hope you all are well and are having an awesome start to 2018! I always find that January is the time of the year where everyone needs that little extra boost of positivity. I think its to do with the dreaded 'January Blues'. I loved doing my positivity series last year, and a lot of you seemed to enjoy it also, therefore, I am bringing it back for 2018. If you are new to my blog, then Welcome, Hey, how are you? My name is Katie and this is my blog!. Each month I will select five quotes that relate to positivty. These quotes are not my own, I'll have found them on We Heart It or Google, but I will credit the owners and where I found each image in the caption. I hope you enjoy this series! Let's get started.
Found on WHI: Credit user: @versacequeen 

Found on WHI: Credit: User: @nicoji

Found on WHI: Credit: User: @asusual_

Found on WHI: Credit: User: @coffeeeee_mily_  

Found on WHI: Credit user @ LoveHaight

I hope all of those quotes made you all smile and give you a little boost of positivity to beat those January blues. I'll be back soon with another blog post. If you did enjoy this post, let me know in the comments below, I love hearing your thoughts. 

Bye for now, 




Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Hello 2018 + Panto + New Years Resolutions

Credit: @Hana_Nanoushe on We Heart It 
Happy 2018 Everyone! I know this probably should have gone up yesterday but I completely forgot...OOPS. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR! How did you all spend the first day of 2018? I spent mine going back to Northwich Memorial Court to see the last show of Anton Benson Productions ' Aladdin' which was honestly incredible! I have never laughed, cheered, smiled and sang along as much as I did yesterday. The cast and crew put on such an amazing performance. i just want to give a huge shout out to Anton Benson, Jennifer Sykes, Ryan Greaves, Steve Moorewood, Ronan Parke, Georgie Jackson, Katy Oliver, Vicki Michelle, Charlie Lawson, and the rest of the cast and crew for putting on such an incredible show you all are amazing! For those of you that don't live in Northwich and haven't seen the show, Ronan has put up a full version of one of the songs he performed in the show on his YouTube channel. The link to that will be below if you'd like to watch.

I'm pretty excited about this year, I've made a list of resolutions and things that I want to achieve and do this year. Mum and I are going to make sure we go and watch more shows at the memorial court, as well as going back to Brighton at the end of August.I struggle with sticking to New Years resolutions but have made a few that I do really want to stick to.

1) Grow and improve the content and layout of my blog

2) Lose a little bit of weight for Brighton

3) Eat Healthier

4) Go and see more shows at the memorial court

5) Build up my content on Twitter and Instagram

Thats it for this blog post. What are you're New Years Resolutions? Let me know in the comments below or on social media. I'll leave my social links below, as well as the link to Ronan's youtube channel, and Anton Benson Productions twitter page. Hope you all have a happy and healthy 2018, I hope you stick with me throughout the year as I'll have lots more content coming up.

Bye for now, 





Saturday, 23 December 2017

My Christmas Song Playlist!

I can't believe Christmas is almost here! I also can't believe I'm actually prepared for Christmas. Everyone's presents are bought and wrapped, plans are sorted, Christmas songs are playing as I'm writing this post. Are you all in the festive spirit like me? Anyway, as you can probably tell from the title, this post is a little playlist of my top ten Christmas songs. Let's get started...

1) Santa Tell Me - Ariana Grande
2) All I Want For Christmas - Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber
3) Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid 30
4) Last Christmas - Ariana Grande 
5) Fairy tale of New York - The Pogues feat. Kirsty McColl 
6) Baby it's Cold Outside - Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews
7) Once Upon A Christmas Song - Geraldine McQueen
8) Last Christmas - Cascada 
9) I wish it could be Christmas Everyday - Wizzard
10) Merry Christmas Everybody - Spade

That's it for this post. I have another post coming tomorrow. What are your favourite Christmas songs? Let me know in the comments below or on social media. I'll leave all my social handles below. 

Bye for now, 



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Instagram: @LoveKatieLaurxo
Snapchat: @lovekatielaurxo

Monday, 18 December 2017

Positivity series #3

Welcome back to the blog! I hope you are having an awesome December so far! I know I have. I'm about 85% finished with my Christmas Shopping, I've been writing a lot more posts to go live over the next couple of months, I know what my plans are for Christmas, oh, and I've also been to see the panto at Northwich Memorial Court which was incredible. What have you guys been up to? As you can probably tell from the title of this post I am doing part three to my positivty series. This is where I post positive quotes to make everyone smile. I am going to try and do a monthly positivty post next year. Anyway, lets get on with the post, I hoep you all enjoy it!
 Good Heart

 Surround Yourself

 How to Be Positive

 Bad Ass

 Believe in SOMETHING

 Believe you can

That's it for this blogpost. If you did enjoy it, let me know in the comments below or on social media. Be sure to look out for new posts coming live throughout this week in the run up to Christmas. 

Bye for now, 




My Battle with Anxiety...

Hey Loves! I've been thinking about writing this post for a while. Considering its Mental Health Awareness week, I thought I would s...